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To help you visualize what we do, see some examples below.

Landscape Division

Land Art designers and crews work together to design and install the right mix of hardscapes and greenscapes for your property.  We have established a strong network of suppliers in the nursery industry to ensure access to the highest quality and greatest variety of plants and materials. We specialize in grading and drainage, creating usable and aesthetic spaces on difficult hillsides or slopes. Please see some of our favorite landscape projects.

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Masonry Division

Stonemasonry is an ancient craft and at Land Art, we value our 21st century masons.  Land Art stonemasons bring our designs to fruition, working with a range of natural materials to create walkways, patios, stone walls, water features, fireplaces and fire pits, and more.  Please see our stone wall and patio portfolios to view just some of our masonry work.

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Carpentry Division

Our talented carpenters match your home’s existing materials to incorporate a new architectural component into its footprint. Improve your home's curb appeal with a beautifully designed new front entrance. Enjoy the comfort of a screened porch on a warm, but buggy, Washington night. Define and beautify your borders and help keep pets and kids safe and sound with an elegant wood fence. We’ve built them all. Please see our decks, fences, and sheds portfolios for examples of our carpentry designs.

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Custom Gardening

Our relationships with Land Art clients don’t end when our installers drive away. We are thrilled that so many clients continue to call us to maintain their landscapes throughout the year. We open and close their gardens with spring and fall cleanups. At Land Art, we are especially proud of our pruning services. Pruning and shaping ornamental trees and shrubs is becoming a lost art. So many times plants whose habits define them (arching branches, upright, rounded) are lost in the act of machine shearing. 

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Stormwater Management

The presence of the Potomac River and the terrain that surrounds it make stormwater management an important component of many landscape design projects in the Washington area. Our abundant rainfall runs to the river from creeks and storm systems throughout the region and good design works with the call of nature and not against it. We love the challenge of designing a landscape that blends beauty and function in stormwater management. At Land Art, we have extensive experience in artful rainwater design. We can: Create a dry streambed to drain rainwater runoff in an attractive and functional manner. Install a rain garden to allow runoff more opportunity to be absorbed before entering storm drains. Construct a bioretention pit to remove sediment and contaminants from stormwater runoff. So if you're living with standing water after a rainstorm, a soggy lawn, drowning perennials, or any other symptom of a water-logged landscape, please contact Land Art for a consultation.

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