screened porch

What Is An Outdoor Oasis? Here are 5 Things That Make Up An Outdoor Oasis In Your Own Home

The world is still not completely back to normal and we are still finding ways to create safe, fun alternatives at our own home that mimic the outside world. The term, “outdoor oasis,” came to us when we were thinking of all the components to creating an entertaining experience in the comfort of your own yard and home.

With the warmer months quickly approaching, there is no better time than now to start building your personal outdoor oasis. We wanted to take a look at five different things that make up an outdoor oasis:

  • Screened Porches
  • Water Feature
  • Patio Space
  • Outdoor Kitchen/Grill
  • Storage

1. We love screened porches for many reasons

screened porch

Of course, being how they look! They are so elegant, yet very practical. The space is an extension of your home and allows you to feel as though you are outdoors, while still being in a covered area. There are many different ways to make your screened porch your own, which makes it fun and creative. A quick cool off on the screened porch? Your friends and family will love this aspect of your outdoor oasis!

2. Water features are amazing to have in the warmer months

patio water feature

One way to cool off is taking a dip in the pool. You could be splashing around in the fountain or admiring the fish swimming around in the pond. One thing we think the kids and families might miss is going to the community pool or water park…well you can create your own personal summer outdoor oasis right in your back yard!

3. Patio space is important when we think of an outdoor oasis

patio with furniture

Entertaining is so much easier when you have the open space to gather. There are so many ways you can create a personal look to your patio. Yard decor, different types of material, outdoor furniture, and plants. Your family and friends will love your patio when experiencing your outdoor oasis.

4. Outdoor kitchens and grills are another way to enhance your outdoor oasis experience

outdoor kitchen

Why go to the park or out to eat when you have everything you need to cook and host right in your backyard? When thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen or grill, you have so many options! Which gives you all of the creative control.

5. Storage ties all of these aspects of your outdoor oasis together

patio storage

Many times when you think of storage, you might think that it is a nuisance. We are here to tell you there are many stylish, elegant, and unnoticeable ways to add storage to your space! You will be able to store pool toys, patio furniture, and kitchen tools and items in your storage!

We want you, your family, and friends to enjoy your safe, fun, and entertaining space during the warmer months this year. An outdoor oasis is what you make it, so let us help you! Visit our consultation page for more information on how we can help you build your dream outdoor oasis.