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Tree Planting This Fall? 5 Tips For Healthy Trees

The quick arrival of fall, also brings the quick departure. The seasons are changing and it is happening quickly! Throughout the pandemic, you have probably spend a lot of time in your yard, either doing maintenance or re-modeling. We want to continue to give you tips to have success in your yard! The fall comes with the beautiful trees and colors of the changing leaves. It is the perfect time to plant your own beautiful trees!

This fall we want to help prepare you for your tree planting needs. Do you know the biggest killer of newly planted trees? Poor planting and poor planning. We are here to give you some tips for when you start planting your trees this fall!

Fall In Virginia Is One Of The Best Times To Plant Trees

The best time to plant trees is usually mid-September through early November. The soil is warm to help trees get strong, quickly. There is plenty of moisture still in the air and the temperatures are cooling down to the perfect temperature.

Planting The Right Tree In The Right Place

The location of your tree is very important! When choosing where to place your tree in your yard, make sure you have chosen the best location for successful growth. Consider exposure, the sun vs the shade, how big the tree will get when mature, water and soil needs, proximity to surrounding buildings and wires above, and the overall look you are striving for.

When Planting

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There are a few things to consider when you are planting your tree. Make sure you are planting your tree at the right depth. When digging your hole, it is better to dig your hole a little on the shallow side than too deep. It is better to have some root above ground than the trunk below the ground. Also, when digging your hole, make sure it is wide enough for your tree. The ensure that the hole is wide enough, it should be about two to three times wider than the container or the root ball. Finally, do not add anything to your tree. There is no need to provide the tree with new soil, potting mix, compost, etc. When you fill the hole, just use whatever came out of the hole in the first place.

Water Very Well

Newly planted trees need a lot of water, especially within the first year. The best way to ensure there is enough water, is to use a drip irrigation or a garden hose that is running at a slow pace for a few hours at a time.

Keep An Eye On Your New Tree

Anything that is newly planted should be kept an eye on for the beginning of it‘s growth. Keep an eye on your new tree for insect or disease problems and make sure the soil isn‘t settling or the roots popping up extremely.

If you have any questions about planting your trees or preparing your trees for the winter months, Land Art Design is here to help.