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Stormwater Management

The presence of the Potomac River and the terrain that surrounds it make stormwater management an important component of many landscape design projects in the Washington area. Our abundant rainfall runs to the river from creeks and storm systems throughout the region and good design works with the call of nature and not against it. We love the challenge of designing a landscape that blends beauty and function in stormwater management.

At Land Art, we have extensive experience in artful rainwater design. We can:

Create a dry streambed to drain rainwater runoff in an attractive and functional manner. 
Install a rain garden to allow runoff more opportunity to be absorbed before entering storm drains.
Construct a bioretention pit to remove sediment and contaminants from stormwater runoff.

So if you're living with standing water after a rainstorm, a soggy lawn, drowning perennials, or any other symptom of a water-logged landscape, please contact Land Art for a consultation.

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