Screened In Porch

Screen The Porch For Outdoor Living All Year Round

Looking for a fresh new living space in your home? Check out these awesome screened-in porches and sunrooms we recently completed for our clients, and read on to find out all the benefits of having a screened-in area in your home or backyard.


There are plenty of benefits to adding a customized screened porch to your home: more privacy, fewer bugs, great entertaining space. Let’s dive in.


Everybody has neighbors. Yes, some are closer than others, but we all want our privacy. Adding a screened porch to your space is one of the best ways to get a little extra outdoor privacy on your property.


Although bugs are our friends and great for the environment, we don’t always want them buzzing around our face while we are trying to enjoy the outdoors. The great thing about screened porches is it helps keep bugs outside of your porch. Fewer bug bites and more relaxation!


Adding a fireplace to your porch creates a cozy atmosphere in the early fall and gives football season a whole new meaning!