Landscape Design

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Our Landscape Design Services Include


We select and design your landscape so that the plants are happy and healthy in their environment and will reach maturity without them outgrowing their space.


We curate plant selections to create stunning, diverse, and eco-friendly garden environments. Our incorporation of garden art, walkways, and other features make for complete, cohesive landscapes.

Pruning & Trimming

We prune and shape your ornamental trees and shrubs so that they will develop beautifully.


We clean out planting beds, weeds, and debris. Then, we lay just the right amount of mulch (2”-3”), avoid burying your plant stems, and edge the bed for a handsome result.


We contour your landscape to optimize the space you have available to you. You’d be surprised what machines and walls can do for you.

The Land Art Design Way

Our custom, client-focused, holistic approach is tried and true, and we’re confident we can create a space you’ll fall in love with. We’re known for balancing design elements with the existing property, visually, functionally, and sustainably. Further, we communicate with you to clearly understand your vision, from lifestyle preferences to aesthetic desires.

Elaborate Projects Are Our Specialty

At Land Art Design, we transform lofty goals and dreamlike concepts into reality. In fact, we specialize in tackling the most complicated projects, from cramped spaces to steep terrain. Our in-house team knows the level of care required for a successful renovation project and offers each the meticulous attention they deserve.

Our Creative Process

At Land Art, we want our clients to feel comfortable and relaxed during the design-build process. That said, here’s a little about the way we work:

Step 1

Each project begins with an on-site meeting with one of our talented designers. We’ll walk your property with you, assessing your needs, lifestyle, tastes, and budget.

Step 2

Once the design is completed, we’ll schedule a presentation with you. Together, we’ll go over the proposed features and iterate until you feel happy with the finished design.

Step 3

We’ll provide a detailed proposal for your review, itemizing each aspect and cost associated with the project, including various material and design options

Step 4

Final design in hand, our craftsmen work to carry out your project with professionalism, efficiency, minimal disturbance, and attention to detail.

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Schedule a Free Consultation

For more information, send us a message or give us a call. We offer free on-site, in-person consultations, where we assess your property and discuss your vision.