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Heating Up October With Our Monthly Feature: 5 Reasons You Need An Outdoor Kitchen And Fireplace

When you think of your dream backyard oasis, what do you think of? An enchanted vegetable garden? A green lawn as far as you can see?

Have you thought of what your yard could look like with an outdoor kitchen or fireplace? Not only are outdoor kitchens and fireplaces beautiful, but they will ensure you will be the entertainer of all time.

The reasons to add an outdoor kitchen and/or fireplace to your backyard living area could go on forever, but we have narrowed down five reasons that you need to add an outdoor kitchen and (or) fireplace to your backyard now:

It is convenient

An outdoor kitchen has the capacity to store just as much as your indoor kitchen, which makes meal preparation and event hosting extremely convenient. You are not moving inside and out, trying to gather supplies, and leaving guests—instead you are present and taking part of your own party! When the evening arises and the chilled night time breeze comes, you and your guests can gather around your fireplace and enjoy a beverage or even play a fun card game. Your party never has to leave your outdoor oasis.

It appreciates your home value

outdoor kitchen

Along with being practical, an outdoor kitchen and fireplace are seen as luxurious additives to your home. The perceived value of your home will automatically increase if you do ever choose to sell your home. You will woo all of your guests, as well as potential home buyers with your dreamy backyard.

More space for entertaining

With an outdoor kitchen, comes more square footage for entertaining your guests. You now have more room for more people to hang out and be comfortable while doing it. With these unprecedented times during the COVID-19 pandemic, having an outdoor gathering space like an outdoor kitchen or fire place will create a safe and comfortable place for your guests to socially distance, rather than be confined to indoors.

May even reduce your utility bills

Have you ever been cooking in your kitchen and felt that all of the sudden you are breaking a sweat and the temperature in the home has gone up what feels like 10 degrees? When you have multiples burners, ovens, warmers, etc. The confined space of a kitchen can warm up the home temperature at least 10 degrees, if not more. In turn—that can put extra strain on your air conditioning system. With an outdoor kitchen and fireplace outdoors, you are taking all the heat outside and it allows your home to stay cool.

A quick and easy clean up

outdoor kitchen

A messy kitchen while hosting a party can feel stressful and bring about anxious feelings about needing to clean the mess, NOW. When you cook outdoors, cleaning is quick, painless, and easy. A well designed outdoor kitchen can be hosed down for a very easy clean-up. No sweeping, mopping, wiping!

Installing an outdoor kitchen and fireplace is a great way to increase the value of your home and finally create the backyard of your dreams. With these beautiful entertainment center pieces, you will take entertaining and outdoor living to the next level. As you can see, there are so many benefits of installing an outdoor kitchen and/or fireplace to your home—and your don’t have to start big! You can start small and increase over time.

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