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3 Reasons Why You Should Install Yard Fencing

The demand for yard fencing and fencing repairs has increased by up to 166 percent during the coronavirus pandemic. That’s unsurprising, as COVID-19 has ravaged the country for over a year now. It’s left many Americans cooped up within their home during lockdowns and quarantines. This has caused homeowners to look for other means of spending more time outdoors.

Not only does fencing offer greater security, privacy, safety, and property value, but spending more time out in the sun has significant health benefits. Before the pandemic, the average American already spent roughly 90 percent of their lives indoors. But going outside and getting fresh air and sunlight increases vitamin D levels, improves concentration, and improves your general mood.

The Top 3 Reasons to Install Fencing and Fence Gates on Your Property

1. Privacy

A need for privacy is a fundamental reason to install fencing and fence gates. Privacy allows you to lounge in your yard without neighbors or those passing by knowing what you’re doing at any given moment. You can soak up the sun without having to worry about impromptu chats and unwanted visitors that may or may not stay six feet apart.

2. Security and Safety

Yard fencing provides a means to keep your pets and children within your yard while keeping uninvited visitors out of it. Fencing also keeps wildlife and other pets outside of your property, a fact that is especially helpful if you’ve taken up gardening.

But security isn’t the only benefit when it comes to fencing. For example, gates and fences increase the safety of your yard if you have potentially dangerous features, such as a trampoline or swimming pool. Without a fence, these features can attract unwanted visitors that could ultimately become hurt on your property.

Depending on your provider, fencing can also potentially reduce your homeowner’s insurance cost due to a reduced likelihood of vandalism or theft.

3. Add Value to Your Property

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According to Homes.com, yard fencing is one of the top five buyer must-haves when shopping for a new home. Buyers with dogs or children are especially keen on purchasing a home with gates and fences already installed. While the style of the fence doesn’t always impact a buyer’s choice, the height of the fence may. Tall fences give buyers peace of mind concerning their children and ensure their pets will not be able to jump the fence.

Yard fencing increases your home’s curb appeal and adds to the first impressions of potential buyers. In addition, adequately landscaped homes can increase the value of a home by up to 20 percent. As far as home improvement projects go, gates and fences are generally more affordable than other popular projects, including kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Make Your Fence Ideas a Reality in McLean Virginia

Land Art Design has been bringing fencing ideas to life. Yard fencing increases your home’s property value while providing you with increased safety, security, and privacy. The demand for fencing exploded during the coronavirus pandemic and is expected to continue this upward trend.

Are you interested in installing yard fencing in McLean Virginia? Contact us today for a free consultation to put in gates and fences for your home. n the fence? Here’s a look at the top three reasons to install yard fencing on your property.